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Ever since the beginning of agriculture—thousands of years ago—farmers have been battling a common enemy: weeds. For farmers, weeds are much more than just an eye sore. Along with bugs and plant disease, weeds are a “pest” that damage crops and ruin harvests. Weeds cause problems in farm fields because they steal water, sunlight and nutrients from the crops farmers are working hard to grow. The same is true with commercial and residential landscapes.  Weeds also choke out water, sunlight and nutrients that are crucial for growing a healthy sustainable lawn and garden.

To help landscapers protect their crops from weeds, Monsanto offers a variety of solutions. One of there popular products is called glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup® branded agricultural herbicides. Commercial landscapers, as well as homeowners and others, have been using Roundup® and other glyphosate products for more than 40 years.

At A&G Turf, we offer Monsanto products such as RoundUp QuikPRO, ProMax, and RangerPro. Listed below is the link to the RoundUp products that we sell:


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How does glyphosate work?

Glyphosate specifically inhibits an enzyme that is essential to plant growth. This enzyme is not found in humans or animals. After it does its job, glyphosate breaks down in the soil into naturally occurring substances.

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