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A&G Turf has been helping everyone from homeowners to commercial landscapers with lawn care equipment for over 35 years. We sell, rent and service lawn and landscaping equipment to homeowners and landscaping professionals throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Lawn Care and Landscaping Products That A&G Turf Sells and Services:


A healthy and clean lawn has never been easier with the use of one of the many aerators offered at A&G Turf. A&G offers a wide range of aerators for homeowners and professionals for any job that involves dethatching. Whether it is an aerator by Billy Goat, Bluebird, or Classen, A&G Turf has the aerating equipment for the job...[read more]


Battery powered equipment is the way of the future! In a new generation of lawn care, battery has seen a surge in demand and A&G Turf offers a wide variety of tools to get the job done. From Stihl, comes a range of equipment. From trimmers to blowers to chainsaws to mowers, A&G has the battery tools for any task...[read more]


Tackling dense undergrowth and saplings is a breeze when using a brushcutter from A&G Turf. With a selection of many varieties of brushcutters the experts at A&G Turf have the tools to fit the job that you have. With products from Echo, Shindaiwa, Stihl, and more keeping a well manicured lawn has never been this simple...[read more]


Not all chainsaws are made the same. Take advantage of the professional advice offered by the A&G Turf chainsaw experts. We have a wide selection of residential and commercial chainsaws from manufactures like Stihl and Echo. Our staff will learn your specific needs and help you select the chainsaw that is perfect for your needs...[read more]

Cut-Off Saws

There is nothing that cuts through steel, concrete, stone, and similar materials better than a cut-off saw. At A&G Turf there is a large selection of high quality Echo and Stihl Cut-Off Saws available to choose from. From 12" to 16" saw wheels the saw perfect for you project is waiting for you at A&G Turf...[read more]


Edgers create the perfect manicured look for professional and residential lawns, finishing the yard with a crisp line between the sidewalk and the turf. A&G Turf offers a selection of Echo, Shindaiwa, Stihl, and Bluebird edgers to choose from. The experts at A&G Turf will help you find the perfect edger whether it is a handheld edger or walk behind edger...[read more]

Garden Tools

Trimming, Cutting, Raking, Digging, Hauling or Harvesting. A&G Turf has the tools you need to maintain sprawling landscapes or create an intimate garden. Shop the largest selection of hand pruners, snips, shears, loppers, saws, wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, and more from brands like Corona, Snap-On (Sandvik-BahCo), Silky, and Fred Marvin...[read more]


Having power available at the job site, on your retreat in the mountains or in case of an emergency power outage is a definite benefit. Turn to the generator professionals at A&G Turf to set you up with a high-quality Honda, Echo, or Bear Cat Generator. We offer a wide variety of models capable of producing any amount of power that you need...[read more]

Hedge Trimmers

Keeping hedges trimmed keeps your property looking great. Having the right hedge trimmer is important to ensure a quality cut. A&G Turf offers hedge trimmers for homeowners and professional landscapers from manufactures including Echo, Stihl and Shindaiwa. Our staff will work with you in the selection of the right hedge trimmer...[read more]

Lawn Mowers

From hand pushed mowers to commercial grade lawn mowers, A&G Turf is your one-stop shop for lawn mowers. We carry mowers from Echo and Honda that are excellent for homeowners and professional landscapers. Stop by any of our locations and get expert advice on the mower that is right for you...[read more]

Leaf Blowers

Leaves and lawn debris are easily cleaned up with the use of a leaf blower from A&G Turf. Stop by and check out the selection that we have to offer from Stihl, Shindaiwa and Echo. We carry both residential and commercial grade leaf blowers. Our staff will be glad to help you select the model that is perfect for your use...[read more]

Line Trimmers

Cleaning up the grass around trees, shrubs and other areas that your lawn mower can't get to is always a chore. Why not have a line trimmer that meets the task at hand? Let the line trimmer pros at A&G Turf help you select a line trimmer from Honda, Shindaiwa, Echo or Stihl...[read more]

Multi-Use Tools

In a world where buying and storing lawn equipment has become daunting, here comes the multi-use tool! This equipment allows for a wide variety of uses by just replacing the head of the machine. From brands such as Echo, Shindaiwa, and Stihl comes a tool that can accomplish a variety of tasks, the question is what attachments will you choose...[read more]

Oil and Lubricants

A&G Turf stocks all varieties of Lucas Oil products for all your lubricating and treatment needs. Lucas Oil high performance products are specifically developed to tackle demanding applications and give a long trouble-free life to gas-powered engines in order to keep you working better for longer...[read more]

Pole Pruners

Many tall trees and large shrubs cannot be reached by regular pruners, that is where pole pruners come in handy. For tall and hard to reach places pole pruners can make a job much easier. A&G Turf offers a selection of Echo Power Pruners and Stihl Pole Pruners in a variety of sizes for any job...[read more]

Power Rakes

Thick thatch settling on the soil with grass can cause the roots to shallow and the yellowing of your lawn. An easy solution to retain a healthy lawn is the process of dethatching through the use of a power rake. A&G Turf carries a selection of Billy Goat, Bluebird, and Classen Power Rakes for any job...[read more]


From construction sites and walkways to golf courses and roadsides, the PowerBroom completes any sweeping chore in a fraction of the time. A&G Turf offers the Shindaiwa PowerBroom for professional and recreational uses and all of your outdoor sweeping
needs...[read more]

Pressure Washers

A pressure washer can deep clean in only a fraction of the time. A high-powered and highly productive machine used to clean any surface of dust, dirt, or grime. Bear Cat, Echo, and Stihl sell a wide variety of washers to fit any need. From domestic to commercial pressure washers, A&G Turf can fulfill your washing needs...[read more]

Riding Mowers

A&G Turf is proud to be the Arizona distributor of both Walker and Hustler riding lawn mowers. This gives professional landscapers access to products and accessories for their riding lawn mowers directly from the distributor. From your professional to your commercial needs, there is a riding mower for almost any jobs...[read more]


Keeping a weed and pest free lawn has never been easier with our many options of sprayers for every task. Allowing for the mixing and spraying of solutions in order to keep an orderly environment sprayers are a necessity for lawn care. A&G Turf offers Echo, Shindaiwa, Stihl, and Jacto Sprayers...[read more]


Seeding season is a busy time in Arizona and with a spreader from A&G Turf spreading seed becomes a lot easier. A spreader allows for a faster and more even spread on the ground creating a nicer looking lawn. A&G Turf offers styles of spreaders such as Echo and Shindaiwa Spreaders...[read more]


When caring for your yard, using a tiller can help your soil get the oxygen and fertilizer it needs to grow healthy and strong. With Echo, Honda, and Stihl Tillers sold at A&G Turf in a variety of mid-line, rear, and mini-tillers, there is a style tiller to match and meet your specific needs...[read more]


A&G Turf carries the full line of Kawasaki UTVs! With steadfast engineering and proven durability these UTVs have strong roots in heavy industry while still allowing for some play on the job. There is no substitution for the hard work that these machines put in, whether its for recreation, sporting, or work these UTVs are your answer...[read more]


More durable and rugged then their indoor cousins, vacuums are able to tackle large amounts of leaves and debris. A quieter and quicker way to clean your lawn, a selection of vacuums are being sold in A&G Turf such as Bear Cat, Echo, and Stihl Vacuums for all of your manicuring needs...[read more]

Water Pumps

Moving water can always be a hassle without the right equipment to do the job. A&G Turf has a large selection of water pumps that reduces the time and energy needed. With pumps from Honda and Bear Cat the experts at A&G Turf with lead you to the best water pump to fit your job...[read more]

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