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Hustler Mowers

Mowing grass is the single focus of Hustler Mower. We only create high-quality riding lawn mowers for the professional landscaper, golf courses, municipalities, schools and governmental agencies. The engineers at Hustler Mower are always evolving our products to make the best riding lawn mowers available.

A&G Turf is Arizona distributor for Hustler mowers, as well as Henderson County, Nevada. We sell and service them through our locations throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Our staff is well-versed in all of the features that each Hustler Mower has to offer and works with each customer to ensure that they get the perfect riding lawn mower to fit their specific application.

Hustler Mowers offers mowers that are perfect for residential, commercial and industrial use. They even feature an electric riding lawn mower that is excellent for lawns that are an acre or less. Plus, they are environmentally friendly.

Benefits of the Hustler Mower:
  • Mowing Decks From 21” to 72”
  • Exceptional Reliability
  • Proven Mowing Technology
  • Fastest Riding Lawn Mowers on the Market to Get the Job Done Quickly
  • Complete Customer Support
  • Smooth and Comfortable Steering
  • Best Warranty in the Lawn Mower Industry
  • Extremely Low Maintenance to Keep You on the Job
  • Zero Turning Radius
  • Proprietary Cutting Blades for Clean Cuts
  • Up Close Trimming to Reduce Extra Trimming
  • Mowing Speeds Up to 15 MPH Reducing Mowing Time
A&G Turf is the Arizona's #1 fleet provider for Hustler mowers. A&G Turf supports the Hustler Mower Fleet  Program for commercial landscapers and fleet users. By becoming an Hustler Mower Fleet Program user, you earn extra discounts off participating products. Using new Hustler mowers, you will have less operating downtime, potential tax advantages and you protect your investment with Hustler's commercial warranties.

A&G Turf is Arizona's largest provider of Hustler mowers for governmental agencies and other non-profit agencies. Contact your A&G Turf Governmental Representative for program details. Learn more at Mojave Educational CO-OP.

Feel free to stop by any A&G Turf location to see our selection of Hustler Mowers such as the Residential riding mower models Raptor, Raptor SD and the FasTrak or our Commercial ZTR models the FasTrak SD, FasTrak SDx, X-One i, X-One, Super Z, Super S HD, Hustler Diesel or our Industrial mid-mount models such as the Super Z HD, Super 104, ATZ and the 3700. Our Hustler Mower specialists will gladly show you the models and accessories available to make your lawn look spectacular.

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To get more information on the Hustler Mower products offered by A&G Turf, give us a call today. In the Phoenix Metropolitan area, call 602-443-3072 or toll free throughout Arizona at 1-800-487-8651. We have four convenient locations throughout the Valley. To see the location near you, please visit the Store Locator. You can also reach us with any Hustler Mower questions that you may have through the Contact Us page.