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Biofeed Solutions

Biofeed Solutions, Inc. produces an advanced line of liquid biotech products that provide a solution for a variety of issues associated with agriculture, landscape management, municipal waste, and environmental pollution. These bio-products are based on nearly 30 years of field research and are formulated with nutrients, natural enzymes, hormones, and vitamins.

The professionals at Biofeed Solutions, Inc. carefully develop their technology to counter negative impacts caused by industrial chemicals. Their primary goal is to produce safe, technology-based alternatives to other harmful chemicals commonly used today. Biofeed Solutions manufactures effective and concentrated products to improve handling and use.

At A&G Turf we offer a wide variety of Biofeed products. Listed below are some of the Biofeed Solution products that we sell and service:


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Biofeed products use Amino-Carbon Technology® (ACT) additive. Creation of ACT starts with a multi-enzymatic process of transformation that turns select plant extracts  into a concentrate of organic acids and bio-stimulants that promote the growth.

Please feel free to look through our Biofeed product catalog below and click on the product that you are interested in. Here you will find many more details about the selected product. A&G Turf is very knowledgeable about Biofeed products and can expertly match you with the Biofeed Solutions product that will help you take care of your fertilizing needs.

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To get more information on the Biofeed Solutions products offered by A&G Turf, give us a call today. In the Phoenix Metropolitan area, call 602-443-3072 or toll free throughout Arizona at 1-800-487-8651. We have four convenient locations throughout the Valley. To see the location near you, please visit the Store Locator. You can also reach us with any Biofeed Solutions related questions that you may have through the Contact Us page.