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Reciprocating Aerator

Reciprocating Aerator
Item Number: RA21H
Manufacturer: Classen
The Reciprocating Aerator is designed to punch cleaner holes in tough soil without additional weights. As with all Classen turf care products, simplicity is built in with an open design and simple operator controls.

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Aerating Width                          21"
Core Depth                               2.75"
Number of Tines                        8
Diameter of Tines                      5/8"
Hole Pattern                              2.6" x 7.5"
Holes / Ft²                                10
Dimensions                               39"H x 31.5"W x 64"L
Dimensions (Handle Folded)        24"H x 31.5"W x 49"L
Dry weight                                 261 lbs.
Ground Speed                            2.84 mph
Coverage                                  26,000 ft2/ hour
Engine                                      Honda® GX160
Displacement                             163 cc
Machine Drive                            Push Off the Tines
Primary Aerator Drive                  Sheaves and Belts
Gear Reduction                          6:1
Pneumatic                                 2.80 - 4 Front / 4.10 x 3.50 - 4 Rear
Minimum Gate Width                  32"