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PRO Stand-Aer® Aerator

PRO Stand-Aer® Aerator
Item Number: SA30
Manufacturer: Classen
Step up to the Classen PRO Stand-Aer® Aerator. Three times faster than a walk-behind aerator and the best Quality of Core® in the aeration industry. The Stand-Aer pulls 10% more cores than the nearest competitive stand-on aerator.
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Engine                          15HP Kawasaki® FS541V
Fuel Capacity (gal)         5
Fuel Filter                      Replaceable In-Line
Fuel Shut Off Valve         1/4 turn
Charging system            Flywheel Alternator
Charging Capacity          15 amps
Battery Type                  Sealed AGM, BCI group U1 fits
Battery Voltage              12
Polarity Negative             Ground
Fuse                              20 amp main fuse
Transmission                  Hydrostatic 2, Hydro-Gear® ZT3200
Hydraulic Filter                Single replaceable spin on
Ground Speed                 FWD (mph) 0 - 7.4
REV (mph)                     0 - 3.5
Drive Wheels                  Driven through roller chains
Tine Drive Aeration          Tines are driven through roller chains
Turning radius                 Tines down 5 ft.
Tines (Qty)                     48
Core Depth (in)                2 - 5 inches
Holes per sq. ft.               5.1
Width (in)                        47.25
Length (in)                      60.5 platform up-69.5 platform down
Height (in)                       48
Curb Weight (lb)              1,235
Productivity sq. ft.             Up to 92,400 sq. ft./hr
Warranty                         Two year Commercial/Rental