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Item Number: WK13
Manufacturer: Walker (Options)
Extend operations into the nighttime hours with a Walker headlight kit.

Type: Option
5989-13 - LED for Models B18, B19, B23i, C, H27i and H24d
5989-14 - LED for Model S
5989-15 - LED for Model R
5989-17 - LED for Model B27i
7989-14 - LED for Models D and T
2989-12 - LED for Model H37i

Features: weather sealed, shock-absorption
Application: Safety, Visibility
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The new LED Headlights incorporate a durable assembly, cast aluminum housing with 5 led lamps in each light. The light mounting bracket has been redesigned for improved strength and longevity, and features integrated shock isolators and light guards. The lights are positioned to illuminate the front and sides of the mower deck, providing increased situational awareness and safety for both the operator and bystanders.