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Item Number: F1302H
Manufacturer: Billy Goat
Engine: 13.0 HP Honda GX
Fuel Capacity: F1302H 6.9 Qt.
Unit Weight: F1302H 152 lb
Discharge Size: F1302H 5 inch
Wheels (front): 10 inches x 3 inches Pneumatic
Wheels (rear): 13 inches x 5 inches Pneumatic
Engine Base: 12 gauge steel robotically welded
Length" 58 inches
Width: 29.25 inches
Height (handles): 32.5 inches
Height (housing): 45 inches
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Even Lower Weight:
We've reduced the weight by another 9lbs! Plus, the new tubular frame design is more durable and lighter than before and reduces vibration.

Improved Forward Discharge:
Improved design of soft rubber is standard. It's a snap to install and is perfect for cleaning along wall and fences.

Improved Fan Technology:
Features a single shot, 16 blade, closed face fan, similiar in design to our popular F6 blower. Twice as many blades as most competitors! It's standard on all models and is the ulitimate in performance and reliability.

Patented Aim N Shoot:
Direct the airflow where you need it most with fingertip control. Lockable for single position.

Forget the fatigue associated with pushing blowers. The Self-Propelled option on the 9 hp Subaru and 13 hp Honda engines increases productivity, so you can rip through 30% more property a day! Plus, the Force II produces the highest static pressure of any wheeled blower available. Period.

A distinct black grill marks the Force II. Unlike metal housings, the proven housing features a smooth, rounded design that eliminates air voids, reduces noise and increases output efficiency.

At the heart of the Force II is a new single shot, closed face fan. At 16 blades, Billy Goat has 2x as many blades as the competition. No wonder, it’s the most productive unit on the market. And, while the Force is already the lightest and easiest to push unit on the market, we’ve managed to lighten your load another 9lbs, plus we’ve made it easier to start.

The result is another jump in productivity, better ergonomics, reliability, and consistent fan technology across the entire range!