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C-71-5 Earthdrill

Item Number: C715
Manufacturer: Ground Hog
The Ground Hog C-71-5 is two-man earth drill designed to deliver years of reliable service with superior performance. It has been a proven performer for over 40 years. It’s rugged design promotes durability and requires very little maintenance.
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The transmission is an efficient worm drive design utilizing alloy steel shafts, large tapered roller bearings and our standard 7/8” square auger drive. Aluminum castings are used throughout the C-71-5's construction to produce a unit that is both strong and lightweight. The C-71-5 uses an air cooled centrifugal clutch and a trigger-type, return-style throttle. Both operator positions are equipped with individual stop switches and tubular steel handlebars.

Maximum Auger Speed      160 rpm @ 3600 engine rpm (no load)
Maximum Torque               192 ft. lbs. torque (approximate)
Max. Auger Diameter         12 inches (31 cm)
Weight                              72 lbs. (33 kg)
Length                               40.5 inches (103 cm)
Width                                30 inches (76 cm)
Height (Honda)                  20.5 inches (52 cm)