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64 Inch Rear Discharge Deck

Item Number: R64
Manufacturer: Walker (Decks)
Coupled with the Model H, the DR64 provides high production mowing for mid to large size properties. The out front design, along with the thoughtful and innovative engineering of the DR64, make this deck a valuable addition to any garage or mowing fleet.

Type: Rear Discharge
Part: DR64-3 (Belt Drive)
Cutting Width: 64 in (162 cm)
Blades: 3
Ideal Application: Model H only, rear discharge improves bystander safety and operator cleanliness

Compatibility: H24d, H27i, H37i
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Walker discharge decks are designed to cleanly and evenly discharge cut grass from under the deck housing. In a wide variety of options and capabilities the Walker Discharge Decks showcase the high-performance of every tractor and will cut from residential to commercial grass. The Discharge Deck options range from 36 inches in width to 74 inches, meeting all needs. There are Walker Options for Side Discharge as well as two options for Rear Discharge in the R52 and R64. If in need for a versatile and reliable Collector and Discharge Deck there is the U48 option for the C, D, S, and T Models as well. These decks will allow you to mow efficiently, effectively, and reliably.