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48 Inch Reverse Rotation Collection Deck

Item Number: C48R
Manufacturer: Walker (Decks)
The 48-inch "R" collection deck is preferred for cutting in thinner grass and provides a smooth, even cut over a variety of cutting conditions. Standard with cast iron gearboxes.

Type: Collection
Part: DC48R-2 (Heavy Duty)
Cutting Width: 48 in (122 cm)
Blades: 2
Ideal Application: Wide area mowing with reverse rotation for exceptional cut quality

Compatibility: C19, C19i, D21d, S18, T23, T27i
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Each collection deck has a two-blade design with timed gearboxes turning the blades in a counter-rotating direction (both blades moving toward the center of the deck from the front) or reverse rotation (blades moving forward and circulating material to the back of the deck for collection in the discharge chute) on "R" decks. Collection decks are compatible with Walker Grass Handling (GHS) models S, C, T, and D and are designed specifically to catch grass and debris.