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48 Inch Multi-Deck

Item Number: U48
Manufacturer: Walker (Decks)
Designed to be a single mower solution for both manicured turf and rougher field-type grass, the Walker Multi-Deck is your way to tackle both collection and side discharge mowing applications. The Multi-Deck allows you to effectively match the deck configuration to varying property types, and grass conditions throughout the growing season. Whether collecting thick, spring turf or side-discharging dryer season grass, the Multi-Deck is an easy and cost effective solution for your unique needs.

Type: Collection, Side Discharge
Part: DU48-3
Cutting Width: 48 in (122 cm)
Blades: 2
Ideal Application: Versatile, high quality, and durable solution for operators needing a single mower capable of high performance collection with side discharge function.

Compatibility: C19, C19i, D21d, S18, T23, T27i

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A key feature of the Multi-Deck is the belt drive design which delivers reduced noise, improved durability, and common rotating blades that allow both collection and side-discharge mowing. The unique belt tensioner mechanism utilizes a gas spring dampener for increased belt life, and also provides belt changes without requiring tools. The Multi-Deck's collection capability is impressive, and combined with Walker’s proven Grass Handling System® (GHS), makes grass collection fast, easy, and enjoyable. To convert the deck from collection to discharge, remove the end-cap from the deck housing and install the collection chute baffle and side discharge chute.