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21.2cc Water Pump

 21.2cc Water Pump
Item Number: WP-1000
Manufacturer: Echo
Ideal for general purpose pumping, draining, filling, and lawn and garden irrigation.
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Engine Displacement (cu in)        21.2    
Carburetor                                Butterfly-Valve Diaphragm    
Fuel Capacity (fl. oz.)                 14    
Starting System                         Standard    
Run Time (min)                          40    
Maximum Delivery (gal/min)       28    
Maximum Suction Lift (ft)            24.6    
Maximum Total Head (ft)             95
Hose Size Inlet/Outlet (in)           1
Dimensions (in)                          12.5L x 9.5W x 12.5H
Dry Weight (lbs)                         12.3
Consumer Warranty                    5 years
Commercial Warranty                  2 years
Rental Warranty                          90 days