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Echo Pre-Mixed PowerFuel

Echo Pre-Mixed PowerFuel
Item Number: 7450001
Manufacturer: Echo
  • Pre-mixed fuel
  • Contains 93 octane gas and premium Red Armor™ oil
  • 1 Quart
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ECHO PowerFuel is a pre-mixed fuel, containing 93 octane gas and oil, that’s ready-to-use right out of the can – there is no need to measure or mix oil. It contains no ethanol and is specifically developed at a 50:1 ratio and is the only pre-mixed fuel that uses ECHO Red Armor Oil™. ECHO PowerFuel is recommended for use in all air-cooled, 2-stroke engines. It facilitates proper break-in and helps extend the life of your equipment. With ECHO PowerFuel you never have to worry about stale fuel – in fact, it stays stable and usable for up to 2 years after opening! ECHO PowerFuel even makes winter storage and maintenance easier – it is not necessary to drain the tank unless it has remained in the tank for over 2 years.