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22.8cc Straight Shaft Trimmer

22.8cc Straight Shaft Trimmer
Item Number: SRM-230
Manufacturer: Echo
Outstanding power, durability and performance.

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Engine Displacement (cu in)     22.8    
Carburetor                             Rotary    
Fuel Capacity (fl. oz.)              19.1    
Shaft Length (in)                     59    
Shaft Type                              Straight    
Starting System                      Standard    
Cutting Head                           Speed-Feed® 400     
Cutting Swath (in)                   17    
Shield                                     Std. SRM
Drive Shaft                             4-Layer Cable
Nylon Line (in dia)                   .095 Cross-Fire®
Dry Weight (lbs)*                    12.2
Dry Weight (lbs)**                  11.3
Consumer Warranty                5 years
Commercial Warranty              2 years
Rental Warranty                      90 days

*With cutting head and shield
**Without cutting head or shield