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Rental Equipment

A&G Turf has been helping everyone from homeowners to commercial landscapers with lawn care equipment for over 25 years. We sell, rent, and service a wide variety of lawn and landscaping power equipment to homeowners and landscaping professionals throughout the Metro Phoenix area. We have a wide range of rental equipment along with competitive rental rates across the valley going from daily rentals, weekly rentals, up to monthly rentals. Call any of our store locations and our professional staff will gladly help find the best rental equipment and rate for you.

Lawn Care and Landscaping Products That A&G Turf Rents:


Whether you have your basic lawns to broader areas here at A&G Turf we can guide you into the right direction with our professional staff and help you choose the proper equipment to fill your aeration needs from walk behind to tow behind options.

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Handheld and backpack blowers are the way to go based off the job site and how much debris/leafs you are wanting to get rid off. We carry a great selection of blowers from handheld to backpack and any unit you choose will be the right fit. But to get the proper knowledge our A&G blower team will lead you in the right path for the right blower.

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Brushcutters are generally used for clearing denser and rough vegetated areas and weeds. Looks are similar to a regular string trimmer but the brushcutters are designed for heavier prolonged use with a blade set up compared to your standard trimmer line. Heavier gauge trimmer line is an option as well based off your jobs and areas.

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  42.7cc Brushcutter


Every chainsaw is different in its own way and has its own use. If your up in the tree cutting palms, or down on the ground taking a tree out come to A&G and our chainsaw professionalist will help you find the right saw. 

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Chippers are  great machines to help you get rid of your branches, limbs, twigs, sticks, etc.
Based off your job and area we at A&G Turf can help you find the right chipper for the job with a wide variety of different chippers and set ups.

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Cut-Off Saws

When it comes to heavy construction and demolition type work the cut-off saws are perfect for the job cutting through rock, asphalt, masonry, and stone. Call or stop on by and talk to our A&G team to help you find the best and most efficient cut-off saw for you and your job.

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Edgers are good machines to keep a nice clean cut edge all around your lawn. A&G has edgers from handheld to walk behind along with different manufacturers to help you find the best one. 

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Extended Reach Tools

Extended reach tools are great for any homeowner/landscaping job. More convenient than using or stepping up a ladder when you have an extended tool that allows your shaft to extend out to a certain length to get the job done in an easier and timely manner. 

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 17' 2


Honda generators are the best generator you'll see on the market today. Super quiet, fuel efficient, inverter technology. Here at A&G Turf we carry a variety of generators to properly meet your job needs if it's camping to industrial.

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Hedge Trimmers

Ranging from a 20" all the way up to a 40" blade set up we carry a broad variety of Hedge Trimmers from Ehco, Shindaiwa, Stihl, & Husqvarna. Talk to our professional staff and what trimmer you need and we'll set you up with a single sided or double sided trimmer based of your needs and job areas. 

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Line Trimmers

Carrying line trimmers in multiple manufacturers from Echo, Shindaiwa, Stihl, & Husqvarna are all great trimmers to use. Based off your preference and power our professional line trimmer experts will be glad to help you make the right decision. 

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Riding Mowers

Walker and Hustler is one of A&Gs proud product lines that we carry. If it's manicuring  properties, resorts, hotels, then the walker is the way to go. If you have more wide open areas then the Hustler is what you need. Regardless our Walker and Hustler experts will steer you in the right direction. 

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 23hp T series Walker Mower

Walk Behind Mowers

Honda and Husqvarna 21" walk behinds are ideal for you basic lawns. We carry different model types going from basic homeowner to top of the line commercial brands. Our A&G walk behind mower team will help you make the right decision for the price your looking for. 

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Weed Mowers

BearCat is an exceptional weed mower with a durable Honda or Briggs engine preference. Ideal for heavy weeds,brush removal, even light trimming. Talk to our BearCat team today to help you find the right weed mower. 

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Multi-Use Tools

Multi-Use tools are great for any job due to the multiple attachment options that is featured from our Manufacturers. You can go from a chainsaw attachment to a hedge trimmer attachment even a blower attachment. Talk to our attachment series professionals and we'll set you up with your choice of Echo, Stihl, or Shindaiwa Multi-Use products. 

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Power Rakes

Need a good power rake for cleaning up old thatch? You came to the right place. Bluebird is one of our best dethatching power rakes out there backed up by a durable Honda engine. Our knowledgeable Power Rake team can help determine what kind of dethatcher you need for your job whether its a towable or walk behind. 

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Here at A&G Turf we carry a product line of different types of spreaders from Chapin & Prizelawn, from broadcast, drop spread, and self-propelled. 

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 200# Commercial SP

Stump Grinders

Stump Grinders are very good machines for heavy or big stump removal and helps cuts your stumps and roots into smaller chips for easier clean up. If you want to learn more follow this link below and stop on by and talk to our professional team and we'll give the right assistance you need.

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 Stump Grinder w/Honda


Tillers are great for landscapers and gardeners. Convenient, gets the job done. Even gets into crab grass and weeds. Need more information on a tiller? Check out our stores and talk with any member of our staff or follow the link below

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Vacuum units are great for picking up dirt, debris, leafs, small sticks or twigs. A&G carries a few different options from handheld to walk behind. Whatever your job or needs are we at A&G Turf can help you find the one.

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